EI professors are appointed core members of Munich Data Science Institute (MDSI)

The lately founded Munich Data Science Institute (MDSI) is TUM’s central interface and innovation hub for questions and solutions arising from Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

From Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering the following professors have been appointed core members for a 6 year period:

Prof. Alessio Gagliardi (Professorship of Simulation of Nanosystems for Energy Conversion)
Prof. Reinhard Heckel (Professorship of Machine Learning)
Prof. Andreas Herkersdorf (Chair of Integrated Systems)
Prof. Wolfgang Kellerer (Chair of Communication Networks)
Prof. Gerhard Rigoll (Chair of Human-Machine Communication)
Prof. Wolfgang Utschick (Professorship of Signal Processing Methods)

As an integrated research center MDSI focuses on the competences of Departments and Schools of TUM.

MDSI is connecting experts, researchers, students, and is stimulating ideas and innovations across disciplines.

Further information can be found on the website of

MDSI at https://www.mdsi.tum.de/en/mdsi/home/

Department EI www.ei.tum.de/struktur-und-profil/nachrichten/