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On this page you will find the current student positions offered by our chair and the Fraunhofer EMFT together.


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In the past decade, quantum computing generates numerous scientific papers and is poised to reshape
computing from concept. Superconducting Qubit (Quantum bit) was considered as the most promising
techniques now to achieve a long lifetime and a high fidelity. Since the Qubit operates at RF/microwave
frequency (c.a. 5GHz), this novel application opens a new gate for microwave engineers and is awaiting
more creative microwave circuit designs. One of the most challenging tasks is to make a Quantum chip with high scalability. The Qubit with 3D
heterogeneous integrated architecture could be a possible solution. However, some underlying problems
need to be addressed. In this work, you will characterize the performance of TSV (through-silicon vias) and study how it will affect
the Q-factor of the resonator. Then you will validate the design by using EM simulator and layout
the design for fabrication. Publication is highly encouraged for this work.



  • Necessary: Prior experience in microwave engineering and passive device design, like coupler,
  • resonator and etc.
  • Necessary: Experience programming in Python
  • Necessary: Experience simulating in Ansys HFSS or similar 3D EM simulator
  • Preferable: Knowledge of electrodynamic
  • Optional: Knowledge of quantum electrodynamic is a plus


If you are interested in this work, please contact me via email with a short CV and grade report. We
will then arrange a short meeting where we can discuss the details.
Zhen Luo
Technical University of Munich, Chair of Micro- and Nanosystems Technology


Zhen Luo

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