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BS and MS positions:

  • Bachelors and Masters degree students can contact via email for further information on research projects and thesis topics. 
    • Opening: BS/MS project on "synthesis of fluorescently labelled polymer microparticle for confocal microscopy". 
  • Funding oppertuniteies for international students: DAAD
  • Master Thesis Call: Title: Portable reader for imaging micro-scale samples

This project consists development of a portable reader for imaging of fluorescent samples. The portable reader includes a holder to load the sample within a well-plate/petri-dish, a LED-based light source to excite the sample, a camera to take an image (fluorescent / bright-field) of the sample, and some optical components (lens, filter, diffuser, etc.). Most of the parts (holder, stage, etc.) will be 3D printed and later integrated with other off-the-self electronic and optical components. The camera and light source can be controlled/programmed by using a raspberry pi. Alternatively, a smartphone camera can be used to capture images and process them with an app.

We are looking for an engineering student with some knowledge of and interest in optics, 3D modeling (AutoCAD/SolidWorks), 3D printing, assembling of electronic components and programming/app development.
The student is able to learn the following methods: programming raspberry pi, optics, 3D drawing, 3D printing, fluorescence/bright-field microcopy, etc. If you are interested in this topic, please send your CV and transcript to: Helen Werner (


PhD positions:

There is currently no funded PhD position available.

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Postdoctoral positions:

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