We are operating one of the largest urban measurement networks for Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and Air Quality in the world. Most of it is automated to enable end-to-end data acquisition, communication, information retrieval, and visualization. We have a lot of topics for motivated students to work on and enhance these IoT systems throughout the whole pipeline. If you are interested in working with us get in contact with Patrick Aigner or Prof. Jia Chen and attach your latest CV, Transcript of Records (ToR), and the topics of interest. 

Available topics at ESM

Open Software Community Management and Software Integration
Computational Optimization of Atmospheric Modeling Frameworks
Embedded Software Engineering for IoT Sensor Systems
Scientific Tools: Data Engineering, API Integration
Automation of Existing Procedures and Run-Time Optimization on HPC Infrastructure (LRZ)
E2E Communication Protocols and Server Integration/Operation for IoT Networks
Data Security, OpSec, Knowledge Management
System Administration, OS Setup Optimization, Identity Management
Web App Design, Deployment, and Data Visualisation 
Tool Creation for Geospatial Data Visualization
IoT System and Sensor Node Health Reporting